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Does your company have sales representatives who could benefit from a boost in attention from their clients?

Introducing Fantasy Sports Client Connect: your Reps' dedicated, fully maintained online fantasy sports platform, appealing to fans of all levels of devotion.

We've designed Fantasy Sports Client Connect to be easy to use (even for just casual fans), simple to navigate, and a breeze to keep track of.

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How it Works

You or your Reps use our system to invite customers to play. Each contest has its own winners, and we'll also track leaders across contests during an entire season, and even across Rep-districts.

Reps can even act as "League Commissioners," allowing them to post announcements on the Home Page (alongside their portrait), and to moderate optional message boards.

All web pages are fully branded for you, and can include your banner ads, links to product details, etc. And all game-related emails (deadline and injury alerts, standings updates, and "congratulations" messages) can be sent on your Rep's behalf.

These engagement emails, plus our "live scoring" features, are very effective at motivating your customers to regularly track their progress. And analytical reports on game usage allow your Reps to see visits and page views broken down by day and by contestant.

Year-Round Schedule

Your company can select as many or as few games as you think your customers would enjoy. Here are some popular examples of games to choose from:

Our full arsenal of contests can include games from all major U.S. and Canadian sports leagues, college and pro. This includes all PGA and Tennis tournaments (not just the Majors).

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