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All our fantasy sports products share common business requirements. They cater to your brand, they include modern designs that you can customize, they are accessible to participants from a wide range of sports-savviness, and they can provide you and your sponsors with all registration and usage metrics.

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Online Games: Captivating at All Skill Levels

Fantasy Sports Services Pro Football Pick'Em We offer a full range of classic fantasy games, infused with options that you can tailor for your market and goals. For example, fantasy football contests can focus on teams in your local markets, and can revolve around player- or team-selections. Participants can trade selections among themselves, or can work under independent "salary caps". You can even play the part of League Commissioner, dropping some playful "trash-talk" for your participants, and signing off on standings and injury updates that our platform can automatically circulate. >> see our suite of online games

Live Events: High-Energy Marketing Stimulus

Fantasy Sports Services Live Events Rev up your corporate event with a live, in-person fantasy sports draft! We supply live-drafting software that projects draft selections just like the pro-leagues do it! We can even provide the fantasy-savvy m/c to move things along with spirit and humor. Everyone gets pumped up to participate... from the sports addict to the occasional fan. Promote teamwork, pull staff and clients together, give colleagues and associates a fun reason to stay in touch all season long! >> learn more about our live events

Client Connect: Verifiable Customer-Engagement Solutions

Fantasy Sports Client Connect Building and maintaining long-term business relationships is key to your company's repeat business, reputation, and brand. And that demands consistent, personal contact with your customers -- a challenge in today's over-scheduled world. We've transformed our fantasy sports platform into a unique and effective relationship-building tool to help your sales representatives stay in touch with their clients.

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Fantasy Sports On Tap: Promotions for Restaurants and Bars

Fantasy Sports On Tap Build repeat business and keep your clientele engaged with private-labeled fantasy sports contests! Works for a single establishment, or regional / national chains, with prizing available at multiple tiers. Contests can emphasize local teams, and games are designed to engage casual fans and diehards alike. Even connects customers with your social media outposts.

>> get to know our promotions for restaurants and sports bars

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